Accidents take a heavy toll

Every year in the United States, accidents kill about 100,000 and seriously injure over 20 million people. Yet statistics about the number of people who accidentally cause injury or death to another are not available. A conservative estimate, however, is over 1 million people per year.

When I had my accident, I had never met a CADI and had no one to talk with who could understand what I was going through as a result of their own experience.  It was years before I started talking with others who had accidentally injured or killed someone, and I found those conversations to be extremely helpful. The statistics below suggest that there are thousands of CADIs in your own state or city. Relatively few, however, are open about their experience.

  • Pedestrians & cyclists:
    6,609 pedestrians & bicyclists died and about 270,000 were injured after being hit by cars in 2011
  • Car crashes:
    In the U.S. over 30,000 people are killed and more than 3 million suffer serious injuries in car accidents every year.In all about 1.6 million accidents per year lead to deaths or serious injuries
  • Around the world:
    The World Health Organization (2004) reports that motor vehicle accidents kill 1.2 million people per year and injure 20 to 50 million
  • Other accidents:
    Workplace home and recreational accidents in the U.S. kill over 100,000 people per year and injure millions more


Statistics: Injuries and Deaths Due to Accidents in the USA, 2011*

,Deaths,Serious injuries,Number of CADIs

Pedestrian accidents,”4,432″, “69,000”, “70,000”

Bicycling accidents,677,”48,000″,”48,000″

Other car accidents,”27,258″,”2,100,000″,”425,000″

Other accidents,”90,410″,”35,500,000″,”1,800,000″

All accidents*,”122,777″,”37,900,000″,”2,000,000″


*National Safety Council, Injury Facts: 2013 Edition
** American Heart Association
*** American Cancer Association



2 thoughts on “Statistics”

  1. Do you have any contacts or recommendations for groups in Columbus Ohio? Mt brother in law is not a big “online” person but he needs help. He is a truck driver and it has always been his dream to own his own rig and go on the road. It had seemed his life was finally coming together as he now owns his own truck and is self employed. A month ago he accidentally struck and killed a man and he feels so defeated right now. I dont know if he can overcome the guilt. He really needs to listen to other peoples stories. ANY suggestions would be most appreciated.

  2. I know this website focuses on human CADIs killing or injuring other humans, but are there any statistics or resources for humans unintentionally doing harm to animals? It can be just as devastating.

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