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  1. April this year, I accidentally killed a lady in her early 40’s.
    Her name was Melissa. We were travelling in a 100km/ph speed zone, approaching a 60km/ph speed zone. Melissa and her partner were riding their motorbikes in front of me, I had been following them for around 20km at the time of the impact. We came around a bend approaching the 60km/ph speed zone, Melissa and her partner slowed down by easing off the accelerator, I hadn’t noticed the rate they had slowed down at when I looked down to check my speedo. Then it happened, I tapped the back end of her bike, she came off and went under the ute I was driving. The impact was so small that the ute, had virtually no damage to it. The impact happened so fast but at the same time, it happened so slow. Unfortunately for Melissa, her helmet came off. I was first one to her body trying to administer first-aid, but unfortunately, she would not survive her injuries.
    I was not speeding, the accident happened at an estimate of 40 – 50km/ph under the speed limit, I was not under the influence, I was a tad tired, as I had been sick the night before, and had been working all day. I was on my way to my last job of the day.
    I re-live the accident all the time. I already had chronic depression before the accident but since it’s has been like the depression has been on steroids. I can’t sleep, I’m always breaking down and I find it hard to talk to anyone as I feel as if everyone is judging me. Court has been hard, and it’s not the possible jail time, but, seeing her family. Wanting to go give them a hug and tell them how sorry I am. When I see them I feel weak, I have kids the same age as her kids and that rips me apart every day.

  2. Almost 50 years ago my twin brother was accidentally shot and killed by my 15 year old cousin. It tore the fabric of my family. Since my family cut all contact with my cousin’s family I never knew what became of him but then, 40 years after the incident, I received an emotionally unbalanced letter from him asking me to forgive him. At the time, I still couldn’t face him. I wrote him forgiving him but an irrational fear of meeting him still nagged at me. I have since heard that he was a drug addict and homeless. Now my family has lost all contact. He may be dead. I was so traumatized by the accident that, sadly, I wasn’t capable of reaching out to him until many years later. Whatever one’s beliefs, I believe that the best life we can live is a life of courage and self-love in the face of terrible pain that we sometimes are forced to live with.

  3. This is my story. I was headed to New Holland to take my two children to their babysitter so I could go to work. I drive past the Dakota Christian school handfuls of times a week. That day a truck pulled out in front of me. Inside was the 14 year old driver, his 11 year old sister, and 10 year old Andrew. No one in the truck was wearing seatbelts and I T-Boned them at 65mph. I had my seatbelt on and my children were in car seats. We walked away with minor injuries. All three children in the other vehicle were ejected from impact. The driver and his sister also had minor injuries. Andrew died. There was nothing I could do. I was not at fault an my tox screens were clear. I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyday I deal with the guilt and grief of being involved in the accident. I have nightmares and rarely sleep. My mind is my worst enemy. I went to Andrews prayer service and funeral. So many people loved that little boy. I took away his life.

    1. You are not alone. I have trouble sleeping too, difficulty not letting my mind wander back to the accident. One day at a time. Find solace that you are not alone.

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