To my readers: I was contacted by Alice Gregory, a talented journalist who is writing an article about CADIs. This is a great opportunity to advance understanding and support for people involved in these tragic events. Alice would very much like to hear from CADIs other than me — At my request, she has written the introduction that follows. Please follow up with her if you are interested.
Hello all– My name is Alice Gregory, and I’m a NYC-based journalist working on an article about people who have inadvertently caused death to another person, be it in a car accident or any other way. I would love to speak with some of you and hear your stories: how you’re managing to understand what happened, what sort of setbacks you’ve encountered, coping strategies you’ve found helpful. The terms of our conversation (whether I use your name, for example) would be entirely up to you. Examples of my work can be found at, and if you’re interested, please send me an email at [email protected] (there’s a sneaky “a” in the middle there.) Thanks so much and take care.
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